Adirondack Adventure

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Adirondack Adventure

Took my last big ride for the season. Went to a new destination, the Adirondack region of New York. It's quite beautiful, not only the Adirondack's but the ride out through Vermont and New Hampshire. Now the bad, it was cold and very windy on my ride out. Wind blasts were just over 20 mph which is just about my maximum of tolerability and the wind was that cold Canadian air. Temps were supposed to reach the high 50's but in the mountainous Vermont area the temps were in the low 40's. I was miserable but still appreciated the beauty of autumn.

Fortunately the next two days were better, 50 degree weather and light wind. I used Lake George, NY as my base. This is where Americade is held in the summer and it is a typical resort town. However this time of year during the week it is virtually a ghost town, even McDonald's is closed for the season. Fortunately a nice local bar was open for dinner a short walk from my hotel.

The riding window was quite short, a few hours when you consider it doesn't warm up till about 10 am and you want to get back at 5 pm before the cold creeps in for the evening. I was having such a good ride that I lost track of time and didn't get in until the evening after 6 pm, so I suffered a bit in the dropping temps. Went by Long Lake, Lake Placid, Lake Champlain, Lake George and a bunch of other waterways all nestled in the mountains.

The ride back home was quite nice. The warmest temps of the ride and some great scenery. Plus the Google Maps car was right behind me for a long stretch in Vermont so next time they update StreetView there will be a green Ninja cruising on Rockingham Road.

For the exploration of the Adirondack's I just randomly rode around, not much of a description on many pics, just some beautiful scenery.

Vermont in the fall. My only stop on the way out other than lunch, too cold to linger any longer than necessary.

There were a few abandoned homes in Vermont and New York. Most weren't as old and worn down as this example.

I found these two old rail cars sitting on the tracks.

While it was past peak, there was still some vibrant fall colors in places.

Some neat old bridges about.

My only food pic but it's a good one.

Looks like they offer aerial tours in the summer months.

Bye everyone! Another great area of the country that I need to go back to... next time when it's warmer.

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really cool ride. These are the kind of trips I need to be doing more of! :coolthumb:

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