1989 Yamaha Virago 250 Help

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1989 Yamaha Virago 250 Help

Hey all, I just bought an 89 Yamaha Virago 250. It needs an intake manifold and some cleaning but I live in Upstate NY and it's currently outside while I find a place to keep it indoors. I've got Stabil and gas in the tank and a tarp over it but it's sitting on the ground (which isn't frozen yet) and I'm afraid of it seizing up before the intake manifold comes in that I ordered. It's been sitting outside for a couple of months but I just got it a few weeks ago and haven't gotten it running yet without the part.

Any experience with this model and suggestions for storage/care for this particular bike? I've scouted and asked about the general care but looking for specifics. Or general. I wasn't raised around bikes so I know almost nothing.

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jessekhorning said:I wasn't raised around bikes so I know almost nothing.

And yet you bought a bike that has been severly neglected.....with parts missing no less. And that is just the part that is obvious; other things might be missing too.

Not a good move, probably.
Do you even know if the engine will turn over ??

Keep the intake coverd or plugged up until the manifold arrives.

Aside from that, bike forums abound with advice on what general steps to take with a bike that has been in storage for a LONG time.
Do a little searching, please.

There may not be a thread like that here because this message base was restarted from ZERO a few months ago. Maybe someone else will take the time to cover it all yet again.

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Thanks for the reply. It was being restored and well cared for when the guy died suddenly so it hasn't been neglected for very long- it's just old and changed hands to sell it recently. I had a couple friends with bikes look at it and they offered to buy it off me if I change my mind. It's been covered and turned over regularly so that should be fine. Thanks for letting me know the threads have been restarted and the suggestions.

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I owned a '95 Virago 250 (my first bike). There is good and bad news for you. The bad news is that you own a 24 year old motorcycle, which will almost surely require some work. The good news is that the model has stayed basically the same since it was introduced in the late 80's. In 2008 they renamed it the V-Star 250 and changed a few things, but it's basically the same bike. This means parts are going to be very easy to find.

There's nothing important that's Virago-specific as far as long term storage goes. Just do the basic storage prep that you would do for any other bike... Google "winterizing motorcycle" or something similar and you'll get tons of info. As Easy Rider said, cover up the intake until the manifold comes in. Take out the battery (if it came with one) and put it on a battery tender if you have one. I would suggest putting Stabil in the fuel and running some of it through the engine, but this will be a little difficult with your missing parts.

I think you'll be happy once you get it running. The Virago was my first bike but it was one of the most fun bikes I've had. I have a lot of good memories despite only putting a few thousand miles on it before selling. Good luck and feel free to post up more questions once the part comes in.

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Getting Stabil in the carbs is very important. Get a old gear oil container and fill it with fuel and stabil. These containers have a filler tip. Put your fuel line that goes to the carb over the fill tip . Open the throttle full and squeeze the fuel in to the carb. You need to fill the bowl. As was said above follow those suggestions.
As for the Virago,My wife has one (06) Its a great little bike and easy to work on. They havent changed much and parts are available. You will find it a perfect bike to get your hands dirty on as you learn to repair and maintain it. Very reliable. Only mods we have done is change the sprocket to make it a little more Hi-way friendly.

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