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various motorcycle related stuff
Bonneville 2009
Measuring engine in BUB #7 streamliner.
Chris Carr in background being interviewed via cell phone.
Picture provided by Eric Manning (thanks buddy)
Bonneville 2008
L to R: Charlie Hennekam (F.I.M. steward), Mike Ackatiff (Ack Attack streamliner builder/owner), Myself (AMA/F.I.M. technical steward). Picture taken just after engine measurement completed.
Me and good friend Tom Anderson (Santa Claus) of Buell Brothers Racing. He always bring fast bikes, cold beer, and delicious Wisconsin cheese.
Hot damn, do I love Bonneville
Two of my prize possessions.
Bronze castings of Connecting rod set and piston from a collection of Burt Munro's (World's Fastest Indian) handmade engine components. They are both marked #3 of 25 produced, and were cast at a foundry in his hometown of Invercargill New Zealand.
Measuring another BIG!!! bore engine.
One of the most important containers in my machine shop.
Shop van 2005 from when I promoted speedway racing.
Got alot of attention and comments from people on the road. "What the heck is this no brakes thing all about?!?!"
Working as F.I.M. technical steward, Laguna - MotoGP
Valpo Speedway Action (Valparaiso, Indiana) 2006.
Interviewing night's DIV. 1 winner. I worked as promoter, track prep, starting gate, and announcer.
We had AMA sanctioned speedway races for 4 years, and it was a blast.
Working with Son at 2008 AMA Flattrack Amateur Grandchampionships. Some of those kids can reeeeally ride.
People that speak poorly of, or haven't enjoyed the thrill of riding and racing motorcycles definitely.......
This is where I really love to be.
In my machine shop, waist deep in Harley-Davidson & Jawa speedway engines.
Grasstrack/Longtrack Racing - Marmande France!!!
This is huge in Europe; as is Speedway.

I don't understand why this has not become popular in the U.S. The bikes cost under $10K, can be assembled out of the crate in 30 minutes, produce around 80HP, weigh under 200lbs. and will smoke any flattrack bike out there, on a 1/2 mile!!

I know it does not promote brand loyalty for the Japanese big 4, but I guarantee the crowd would be yelling for more.

6 bikes at the line - 4 lap heats - and a 4 lap main.

Plus, these machines are FAST FAST FAST!!!!!!!!!!
See for yourselves. (copy & paste)
Jawa powered landspeed bike in the works.
Far from being completed, but plugging along.
Czech made Jawa Model 870 engine (only one in the U.S.). Used in Europe for sidecar Moto-Cross and roadracing.
1 cyl., 625cc, 4 valve OHC (beautiful head porting), liquid cooled, 6 speed transmission, 11.2:1 compr., approx. 80HP.

I can't help it - I love thumpers!

Eventually will get larger valves and valve seats; along with longer cams, and 15:1 piston.

Main stumbling block (as I'm sure all too many racers know) is $$$.

Maybe our president will offer a motorcycle racers bailout plan.
2012 BUB Speed Trials.
My 19 years old son sets an AMA landspeed record on a 1977 XLCR that we built together. It was a fun week.
7:30 am on the salt.
The perfect time to run.
Cool air & no wind.
Engine measured, and all is good.