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GoldWing Trike vs Harley Triglide vs CanAm Spyder RT

10/24/2013 7:28:25 AM
   Oct.24, 2013
           I like one of the persons compliments about having a convertible instead of a trike. I solved that problem. I have BOTH.  My 2005 GL1800 Trike and my 2007 Mini Cooper S. I purchased the Trike because I was tired of hauling around the 900 plus pounds. I just got too heavy. I don't get excited about flying around curves like some of my friends do. I like creature comforts. I feel much safer with the 3 wheels. I will sacrifice leaning for safety and comfort. I also had a 2011 CanAm RTS/SE5.. That too was an excellent machine. I put on 5,000 miles the first year and had NO problems at all. I purchased it from "East Coast Cycle Center" in Bensalem, Pa. I never even saw a Spyder before I went there. There service was excellent and the staff was very knowledgeable. Their service department was superb and the manager "Allan" was very well versed on the Spyders. One day I drove into the dealership just to say hello to my salesman "Aaron". That was a big mistake. I saw a 2005 GL1800 Lehman Trike that was just traded in the day before. It had more BLING then any of the trikes I have ever seen. You talk about an eye catcher. A couple hours later I drove out with the GoldWing Trike. I have had it a year now and absolutely love it. The only problem is getting in to all the Nooks and Crannies. LOL .  Of course I go the ECCC for any service I need. Most of the time I don't even need an appointment. Super Great Dealer.
            I decided to give "Barb's Harley Davidson" in Mt. Ephraim, NJ a look see also. I saw the new 2014 HD TriGlide Ultra. They are really stepping up when it comes to adding more modern conveniences such as, navigation, fantastic stereo, water cooled engine & great looks and a nice suspension. It still looks like a REAL motorcycle from the old days. I didn't load up with "Tupperware" as does the Spyder and the Goldwing. Harley's will always be a popular cycle due to it's looks and sounds. If you want to add lots of goodies, the HD is there for you. The Wing, however offers lots of addons but no one seems to ever have to add anything to the engine to beef it up. I think it is a PERFECT engine that never needs any modifications and very rarely needs any work for hundreds of thousands of miles. Some say the GW is a boring machine to ride. If comfort and reliability are considered boring, then they are right. However, I like 'CREATURE COMFORTS." That's just ME. My ex-wife used to say that roughing it was a Hotel with NO ROOMSERVICE. lol
           All in all, all 3 are great machines. I just a matter of picking what "Turns you On." Price wise, they are all expensive. Starting at about $27,000 and going all the way up to about $40,000.   Spend Well.
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