Advertising Media Specs

Motorcycle USA is compliant with the guidelines of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Unit / Banner Size Initial File Size Max File Size Max File Types Expand Direction Max Expand Size Expand/Contract Method Audio Initiation Max Annimation / Video Length
_ Medium Rectangle 300×250 45K 2MB GIF, JPG, Rich Media, Flash Expandable left 600×250 Roll on /
Roll off
Click 30 Seconds
_ Leaderboard 728×90 Down 728×250
_ Wide Skyscraper 160×600 Right 300×600
_ Rectangle 300×100 30K N/A GIF, JPG, Rich Media, Flash N/A N/A N/A
Additional Banner Requirements
  • Polite download required on all expandable and video banners
  • Default banner required for all rich media / flash banners
  • SWF files must have specified click tracking variable (i.e. ClickTag, clickTag…)
    • clickTAG Tutorial

  • Send corresponding URL(s) with all banners

Video Pre / Post Roll Specs

  • MOV Uncompressed QuickTime files that are sized to: Width: 640, Height: 360
  • Provide tracking pixel for third party tracking
  • 15 second pre-rolls preferred, 20 second max

Third Party Serving

Third party ad serving and tracking is accepted and encouraged. If you would like us to track and/or bill via third party numbers, login information to the third party site must be provided to our trafficking contact prior to the campaign start date.

Rich Media

We accept rich media and expandable banners for no additional charge. However, not all placements are rich media ready. Contact your account manager prior to creation of your creative to ensure that rich media can be used for placements in your campaign.


Our in-house design team can provide banners if needed. Additional charges are associated with in-house productions of your banners.

Lead Time

All banners should be submitted 72 hours before the contracted campaign start date. This will allow for testing and trouble shooting if necessary.

Traffic Contact

Contact us for additional information on banner specs.