Advertising Our Readers

In an effort to further support advertisers, we provide research data on our virtual army of enthusiastic supporters who are the basis for the success of your advertising. Our reader survey provides insight into our 1,000,000 monthly readers to further educate and assist you in your advertising decisions.

Demographic Quick Look

  • 94% male audience
  • 64.31% are between the ages of 25 – 54
  • $70k median household income
  • 60% have annual HHI of more than $56K
  • 65% are married
  • 82% have college degree or some college
  • 36% have two or more riders in household
  • 95.9% own one or more motorcycles
  • 55.9% own two or more motorcycles
  • 73% considering purchase of new motorcycle in 2010
  • 62.4% spend $1,000+ on motorcycle products each year
  • 55% of readers ride because they love / enjoy it


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