Aprilia Takes Another Shot at BMW

MotorcycleUSA Staff | July 28, 2010

With another direct shot at BMW‘s marketing campaign for the new S1000RRAprilia has released the following video and statement about its flagship Superbike the RSV4:

“The Aprilia RSV4 is not a 182.5bhp paintbrush and the road is not its canvas. It doesn’t create paintings, it wins races. Nine victories so far this season, half the races it has entered. That puts Aprilia first in the World SBK Championship while the BMW S1000RR is second to last with less than half the points. Maybe BMW should put down that palette and pick up a V4?”

And as such the liter-class sportbike wars continue!

Here is the video that Aprilia has taken direct aim at:

Cheap shot or ingenious marketing? Comment below and let us know what you think!