Aussie Dirt Quake: Ellaspede’s Dust Hustle

MotorcycleUSA Staff | January 28, 2015

We love when readers share stories and videos with us, especially events from other parts of the world. When it features a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts getting together and having fun in the dirt, even better.

Ellaspede, a custom motorcycle and biker culture shop out of West End in Brisbane, Australia, recently shared this video with us from an event they hosted called the Dust Hustle. It’s the Australian version of “Dirt Quake,” the popular inappropriate dirt track event started by Sideburn magazine. It started in England, carried over to the States, and now has infiltrated Australia as well.

Fun is at the heart of the event as people race bikes that were never built for flat trackin’ on a dirt track. Costumed characters are common. Riders come from all skill levels. It’s more about camaraderie and having a good time than standing on the top step of the podium.

Dirt track racing has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity lately. Former Australian World Superbike champion Troy Bayliss just held his own event, the Troy Bayliss Classic, and invited some of the best flat trackers in the States to participate. MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez likewise has helped bring it into the limelight recently by resurrecting Superprestigio a couple years ago. Marquez rides flat track to train, as do many other road racers.

Enjoy the “Dust Hustle” video courtesy of Vimeo along with a little more info about the event courtesy of Ellaspade.

Dust Hustle was Ellaspede’s day on the dirt for anyone to roll out and ride whatever rig they could throw a leg over! Inspired by the famous ‘Dirt Quake’ event made popular by our friends at Sideburn Magazine, this is a flat track fun day open to all the weird, wonderful and woefully unsuitable motorcycles that could possibly be ridden on the dirt.

A sold out field of 85 novice riders entertained over 500 spectators in the best damn display of dirt and dust tomfoolery seen on a legitimate local racetrack. ‘Bring it and ping it’ was the theme for this foot down dust up, with an emphasis on the wacky experience over the racing seriousness.

Why try dirt track on the woefully inappropriate? Because no good story ever started with ‘I was riding the correct bike in perfect conditions…’

Dust Hustle from Ellaspede on Vimeo.