Combine ideas of adventure and motorcycling and the BMW R1200GS is the motorcycle that comes to mind. The R1200GS is BMW Motorrad’s best-selling model and has been carrying world travelers across the globe for decades as it has developed into the industry standard that it is.

The BMW R1200GS owns the adventure touring motorcycle division. Riders who can afford it will appreciate the comfort and abilities of the BMW R1200GS.

The BMW R1200GS is powered by BMW’s horizontally-opposed Boxer Twin, the most recent version seeing displacement bumped up to 1170cc in 2006. Celebrities and average riders alike have used the 1200GS and its powerful Boxer to rack up countless comfortable miles on every continent across the globe. Most notably Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman saddled a pair of BMW R1200GS Adventures for their popular Long Way Round and Long Way Down documentaries.

Known for its Paralever and Telelever suspension, the BMW R1200GS is exceptionally proficient on the pavement and items like 19/17-inch wheels show a trend leaning towards the tarmac. Going off-road on such a large motorcycle is daunting, but the R1200GS Adventure model adds some components for extra dirt-worthiness and greater fuel capacity to take the BMW motorcycle farther. A single-sided swingarm and shaft drive are low-maintenance as is the air-cooled engine – an important selling point for riders who want to tour the world. BMW offers ABS brakes as optional equipment for the R1200GS, and a good one at that considering the 504 claimed pounds for the standard GS model.

The BMW R1200GS is large and in charge of the adventure touring division. Riders who can afford it will appreciate the comfort and abilities of the BMW R1200GS Adventure.

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