Glamis, McGrath in Dirt Shark – The Doonies Vid

MotorcycleUSA Staff | December 30, 2014

We have a self-professed love of Glamis and its epic sand dunes. And we’re not the only ones.

Recently the Monster Energy crew assembled top-shelf riders including Jeremy McGrath, Axell Hodges, Twitch, Nate Adams, Bilko, Tyler Bereman and Josh Hill, added sick trophy truck drivers BJ Baldwin, Rodrigo Ampudia, Casey Currie and Kyle Leduc, and threw in a handful of stunning Monster Girls including Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren and Mayra Tinajero to shoot Dirt Shark – The Doonies.

The video just dropped today, so if you’re a fan of high-flyers kickin’ up sand on glorious dunes, be sure to check it out. Makes us want to grab some Monster, a few bikes, a few bro’s, and head for Glamis! If the Monster Girls want to come too, we won’t complain. Enjoy.