Honda CRF250R

Honda CRF250R

Motocross shootouts have been dominated in recent years by Honda motorcycles and the Honda CRF250R is a critical part of the Red Wing powerhouse.

Honda CRF250R
With its snappy powerband, and super-light clutch, getting out of the corner couldn’t be easier on the Honda CRF250R.

One big handling feature on the CRF250 is the Honda Progressive Steering Damper (HPSD). Honda motorcycles are known for innovation and this component is the only one available on stock dirt bikes. Big Red also pioneered the aluminum chassis and the Honda CRF250R is one of the most compact and natural rider layouts.

The 249cc Unicam engine uses battery-less fuel injection and is known for pumping out great all-around performance. The 250R is continually one of the most popular and successful 250F dirt bikes for track racing. The Honda CRF250R uses a split engine design which allows engine and transmission oil to be separated. This, combined with excellent build quality helps maintain the Honda CRF250R’s reputation for durability and long-lasting value.

Wave-style rotors are part of a very strong braking system, and as one of the lightest bikes in the class, the Honda CRF250R stops on a dime – another well-known Honda quality. The Honda CRF250R dirt bike continues to hold its sharp edge in the competitive world of motocross, and Big Red shows no signs of slowing down.

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