Honda Goldwing

Honda Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing is an iconic touring motorcycle from the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda motorcycles. The Honda Gold Wing began its life a 999cc Flat-Four in 1975 and over more than a quarter century has developed into the 1832cc Flat-Six produced today.

Honda GoldWing
Given its beefy looks, the Honda Gold Wing is quite adroit at cornering in the twisties. It does even better sans luggage and passenger.

The Goldwing is Honda’s flagship motorcycle touring platform. As such the Wing often showcases the latest in Honda technology, like ABS; but perhaps the most notable example in recent years is the Gold Wing’s optional air bag – the first motorcycle to offer the safety feature on a production unit. Current Honda Gold Wings offer options for integrated GPS and full audio systems, and all the touring goodies hard-core two-wheeled trekkers need. The Gold Wing also offers a reverse gear, helpful in backing up the claimed 895-928-lb curb weight (total weight dependent on optional accessories).

The overall performance, combined with Honda’s reputation for reliability, make the Honda Gold Wing an incredibly popular model enjoying a strong, enthusiastic following. It’s not uncommon to find those ancient Wings from the ‘70s and ‘80s still rolling strong with a gentlemen of graying hair at the helm.

Our encounters with the Honda Gold Wing have surprised us with the big Wing’s unexpected agility for its gigantic proportions. The Flat Six powerplant is a potent base for the Gold Wing and incredible wind protection and rider comfort cement its place as the epitome of a touring motorcycle.

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