Honda Shadow

Honda Shadow

The Honda Shadow is family of motorcycles made by Honda since 1983 to appeal to the American market. The Honda Shadow was the Japanese manufacturers’ second attempt at building a V-Twin cruiser motorcycle. The 1983 VT500C had a liquid-cooled, 491cc OHC V-Twin with a 6-speed, shaft-driven transmission. The early Honda Shadow had a Candy Wineberry Red or Black paint scheme on both the fuel tank and rear fender. The VT750C was also introduced in 1983 and was equipped with a 749cc V-Twin. It was available in the same colors but had a round head lamp, instrument casings and a chromed front fender.

Honda Shadow
The easy-to-ride nature of the Honda Shadow 750 line makes it an ideal match for new riders or for those returning after an extended hiatus.

Several Honda motorcycles have carried the Shadow name, including the Spirit, Aero, Sabre, VLX, and American Classic Edition. The Honda Shadow VT1100C was introduced in 1985, while the American Classic Edition debuted a decade later, featuring more retro styling than the standard model to go along with its full rear fender and a more vibey single crank engine. The Honda Shadow engines range from 125cc to 1100cc, but the Shadow’s characteristic engine is a 750cc SOHC 45-degree V-Twin.

The cruiser-style Honda Shadow has a relaxed, feet-forward riding position and wide handlebars. The series was originally introduced as a replacement for the Honda Rebel series, but the Rebel is still in production today and is a popular entry-level commuter bike for Honda. The Shadow continues to represent the small- to midrange-line of cruiser-style V-Twin motorcycles for Honda.

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