Million Dollar Harley Unveiled at Bartels H-D

MotorcycleUSA Staff | October 25, 2010

Found just the tonic for hard economic times. Get some quirky painter to slap on some garish paint on a Harley-Davidson V-Rod and slap a million dollar price tag on it. Yeh, yeh, yeh, so the painter’s name is Jack Armstrong and he does a style of painting called “Cosmic Extentialism,” but honestly, I don’t get it. Who cares if it’s abstract and textured. So are my six-year-old son’s finger paintings. What about exclusivity and the fact that he will only paint one motorcycle? Thank goodness. Give me an Ed Roth original any day.
The unveiling of the “Cosmic Starship Harley-Davidson” took place over the weekend at Bartels Harley-Davidson. Bartels H-D, in Marina Del Ray, California, has a reputation for catering to the motorcycle needs of Hollywood stars, but the so-called “Million Dollar Harley-Davidson” looks solely like a strategic marketing ploy. I’m not faulting Bartels H-D. On the contrary, it’s a shrewd way to drum up business. But I’m not impressed.

Apparently, words magically appear in Armstrong’s paintings when viewed from different angles. I wonder if it says “There’s a sucker born every minute” somewhere in the V-Rod’s paint. Reports claim Armstrong placed a small sign on the side of the bike stating “If you are not Lady GaGa, Scarlett Johansson or Sylvester Stallone, Do Not Touch This Harley!” Gives you a clue as to how highly Armstrong thinks of himself.

Here’s some shots of the “Million Dollar Harley-Davidson” for your viewing pleasure. What do you think? The only way I could see paying that much for a bike is if it was made of solid gold. So I did the math. A V-Rod has a dry weight of 643 pounds. The price of gold per ounce today is $1335.96. In a troy pound, used to measure gold, there are only 12 ounces. So, 643 pounds X 12 ounces per pound = 7716. 7716 ounces multiplied by $1335.96 (price per ounce) = $10,308,267.36 Take that to the bank, Jack Armstrong.

Cosmic Starship Harley-DavidsonArtist Jack Armstrong aboard the Million Dollar HarleyMillion dollar Harley-Davidson V-Rod.
Here’s a photo montage of the “Million Dollar Harley-Davidson” along with a picture of the artist, Jack Armstrong.