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Motorcycle Babes

We showcase some of the most beautiful women with the most exotic motorcycles on planet on the only page of MotorcycleUSA where we show a little skin.

When it comes to motorcycles we know what you want. Big, bad and ready to tear up your favorite piece of pavement or race track. When it comes to babes on bikes we know what you want as well. We feature a new motorcycle Pin-Up and Calendar babe every month so Climb On and get your free motorcycle babe desktop background right here. Right now!

Fall has fallen and the cold weather is quickly approaching as we move through October 2014; but that won’t stop our latest motorcycle babe Jessica from showin’ some skin with the 2014 Suzuki V-Strom. If hot blonds and touring are two of your favorite things, then you’ve hit the jackpot this month with some great wallpapers to keep your eyes glued to that screen all month! Sporting little more than a black or silver bikini Jessica is giving it her all to remind you of warmer weather and riding that motorcycle.

September 2014 Pin-Up Olivia

The end of summer is quickly approaching, so our September 2014 motorcycle babe Oliva wants to get that last bit of bare skin out before its time to get covered up. Posing with the 2014 Honda Valkyrie, Oliva sports the shortest shorts and tight fitting leather jacket. Between the September motobabe and the 2014 Valkyrie it’ll be hard to give up this wallpaper with the next month comes along!

August 2014 Pin-Up Leanna

Heat nor drought will keep us from bringing our latest motobabe or our loyal fans! Check out the August 2014 babe Leanna sporting… well, not much, with the 2014 Yamaha FZ-09. This motobabe should turn you in to a FZ-09 fan.

July 2014 Pin-Up Jessica

The heat of summer is here and it’s getting hot! July 2014 features Jessica sporting the red white and blue bikini with an awesome tricked out 2014 Yamaha YZ250. Show off your American spirit with this patriotic motorcycle babe!

June 2014 Pin-Up Olivia

Summer is fast approaching and riding season is in full swing! To match our excitement for some fun in the sun, our motorcycle babe Olivia is paired with a matching motorcycle beauty, the 2014 KTM Super Duke. If the pairing alone wasn’t enough to get you interested you’ll want to check out Olivia’s matching KTM orange bikini!Summer is fast approaching and riding season is in full swing! To match our excitement for some fun in the sun, our June 2014 motorcycle babe Olivia is paired with a matching motorcycle beauty, the 2014 KTM Super Duke. If the pairing alone wasn’t enough to get you interested you’ll want to check out Olivia’s matching KTM orange bikini!

May 2014 Pin-Up Leanna
Leanna 2014

Riding season is off and running with April showers passing and revealing those May flowers! So for May 2014 we have motorcycle babe Leanna and a smokin’ red Ducati Monster 1200 S. With such a revealing bike we felt it only appropriate for our amazing model to match with some red lingerie. If this pair doesn’t get your motor running, it may be time for a tune up!

April 2014 Pin-Up Girl Best Of
Best Of Moto Babes

Snow is starting to melt in most of the US and that means riding season is upon us! Because all the motorcycle girls were out riding for Spring Break, we decided for April 2014 we would pick the best of our moto babes. But we couldn’t settle on just one so we offered up a select group of each of our top picks. We know you’ll agree with our top moto babes!

March 2014 Pin-Up Girl: Sarai

Spring is quickly approaching and that means riding season is just around the corner! For those still dealing with snow, we hope our March 2014 motorcycle babe Sarai and our 2008 Yamaha YZ450F project bike will raise your spirits. This blond bombshell really compliments this tricked out dirt bike showing off plenty of curves and aftermarket parts that would get any off-road rider excited.

February 2014 Pin-Up Girl: Nikki

While most of the country is under snow we aim to keep things warm with the February 2014 motorcycle babe Nikki and the 2014 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak edition. For such a special bike we made sure we picked a special moto babe with plenty of great curves to keep any motorcyclist interested! It might be sub-zero outside but it’ll be hot as a summer day on your desktop this month with Nikki as your wallpaper.

January 2014 Pin-Up Girl: Laurie

We’re kicking off the New Year with a bang, check out January 2013 motorcycle babe Laurie and the 2014 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Yoshimura Limited Edition! We hit the beach with this pair getting some fun in the sun showing off some great lines on both babe and bike. Get your year started right with one of our many motorcycle babes on your desktop.

Motorcycle Babes of 2013
December 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Dessie


The holiday season is upon us and the snow is beginning to fall, so we thought we would get in the gift giving mood with our December 2013 moto babe Dessie and our 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R. Sport the holiday theme this month with your choice of the red bikini and candy cane stockings or the Ms. Claus dress. But don’t fret if you don’t want to be reminded of the X-mas shopping you still have to do, we threw a few old fashioned gold bikini shots in there as well. There’s something for everyone, so get some holiday cheer on that desktop and see you all with new babes next year!

November 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Brittney

The clocks have moved back an hour for most of the US; you know what that means… cold weather is on the horizon! Don’t let those cloudy skies get your mood down, keep things bright with the November 2013 moto babe Brittney and the spunky 2014 Honda Grom. If you’ve ever though the Grom wasn’t a sexy bike, you’ll change your tune ones you see our very beautiful moto babe posing on it. With your choice of a very short shirt, two piece bikini or a very classy one piece, you’ll be on track for a warmer than usual fall this year.

October 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Chelsy

The leaves have begun to change color and fall to the ground but that only means we turn up the heat with our moto babes! Check out our October 2013 babe Chelsy posing with Roland Sands Design’s Yamaha TMAX. Keeping the blond theme going from the previous month we pair her with another amazing creating from the mind of Roland Sands. This is one hot power duo that will make you forget all about those cold mornings.

September 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Dominic

With the official end of summer upon us we look to make the most of what’s left of the riding season. Our September 2013 moto babe Dominic is paired with Roland Sands Design’s tricked out Yamaha TMAX scooter. Looking more street tracker than scoot, Roland Sands took it to the TMAX to next level, changing what you though a scooter was. It took a special kind of motorcycle babe to stand up to this custom scoot, Dominic fit the part with her golden locks and very sculpted figure. There are some of you out there that thought there wouldn’t be a day where you’re rockin’ a scooter wallpaper but I don’t think anyone will mind this one!

August 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Deandra

It’s getting down to the final days of summer with the heat trading for colder days, but one thing you can ride in the summer and winter is a Can-Am UTV! We paired our August 2013 moto babe Deandra with Can-Am’s sporty Maverick X RS. With two different styles of bikini to choose from, she should keep you company till the end of summer.

July 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Raquel

When it comes to beating the heat, nothing is better than washing a vehicle especially that dirt bike after a day at the track. Our July 2013 motobabe Raquel gives our 2002 Suzuki project bike a good cleaning while taking some time to cool off. And what an excellent choice for July with the stars and stripes short shorts and the red, white, or blue tops fit right in with the theme of the month. Be sure to celebrate Independence Day with one of our very attractive motorcycle babe wallpapers!

June 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Shendelle

The heat has finally arrived, June 2013 is upon us and that means it is time to bust out the summer gear. Our latest motorcycle babe Shendelle shows off her hot weather attire with some very attractive outfits! Paired with the retro styled Performance Machine 40th Anniversary Hot Rod Bagger, the pair just screams Americana. This month’s choices of wallpapers are very diverse with many outfits too choose from. If you’re feeling patriotic the American flag bikini would be your choice. The bikini choices continue with the vibrant red and subtle pearl if you’re looking to keep that desktop hot all month long. And for a little variety we threw in the southern outfit with the very low cut jeans and short low cut plaid top. These wallpapers are sure to warm things up so make sure to crank that A/C!

May 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Jacqueline

Spring is quickly turning to summer as we get in to the prime moto babe season. May 2013 features Jacqueline and Performance Machine’s ’08 Harley-Davidson Softail Rocker C FXCWC. If you’ve been looking for a bit more skin from our motorcycle babes this may be your month. Jacqueline shows off with her revealing red one piece and if that wasn’t enough for ya’ check out her flat black two-piece bikini. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the days of skin tight spandex check out her little jump suit. If this attractive babe doesn’t get your motor going it may be time to get a tune up!

April 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Hannah

Spring is finally upon us with the flowers in full bloom and with the warming weather we can’t help but think about bikini season just around the corner! For April 2013 our moto babe is the very attractive Hannah posing with the classically styled Performance Machine custom Harley-Davidson Sportster Forty Eight. We kept things pretty country style with some low cut shorts and vintage tank top. If you looking for a bit more skin, she quickly sheds the tank top sporting a very bold red bra. If you’re looking for something bolder check out her sharp all black gear with leather pants, stilettos and lace-styled black top. We can safely say she takes one of the top spots in our list of favorite blond moto babes!

February 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Carol

Winter is slowly retreating and we hope to push it back to bring back the sun with our February 2013 moto babe Carol. Going with a old school theme Carol is posing with the Roland Sands creation dubbed “Bandito” a 2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. Decked out with the full RSD catalog and plenty of custom bits; it stands wheel to toe with our attractive model with both equally sharing the screen. Speaking of our model, she’s sporting some very attractive attire, from the lacy two piece with stockings to the white retro sewn bikini, golden bikini and last but not least the true classic leather jacket. Pick your style, all will be sure to excite and leave you looking for more!

January 2013 Pin-Up Girl: Leanna

Happy New Year! January 2013 is here and so begins a new year of motobabes. Kicking off the first month is Leanna with Roland Sands Design’s “Hell on Wheels” Harley-Davidson Fatboy Custom. This pair was excellent match with Leanna’s pin-up style going perfectly with this American themed chopper. This slender blond definately shows off her style with some attractive biker gear and a good ol’ two piece bikini to keep things interesting. Offering plenty of different angles displaying her various assets, you should have no problem selecting wallpaper to start off the new year.

Motorcycle Babes of 2012

December 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Allison


The holiday season is upon us with holiday decorations and gifts around every corner. Our gift to you this season is our December 2012 motorcycle babe Allison. It only makes sense to have a well-balanced photo so we paired her up with one of the hottest sport bikes, the MV Agusta F3. Hard to resist an attractive combo of a blond babe and a slick white bike! Be it gold bikini or biker vest and mini skirt our model looks amazing. If you’re looking for a bit more holiday theme check out the December babe calendars! Keep an eye out for our 2013 motobabes!

November 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Morgan

The temperatures are getting colder and that means one thing, winter knocking at the door. Well we don’t listen to the weather and dressed our November 2012 motorcycle babe Morgan in some pretty stylin’ gear. Paired with the retro styled Triumph Thruxton really makes this moto babe shine. Sporting a black top and shorts or just a vest and shorts there are plenty to choose from to decorate your desktop for the month.

October 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Ana

It’s getting close to the end of the year and that means fall will be quickly upon us; but you wouldn’t know that by our October 2012 motorcycle babe Ana wearing nothing but summer gear. With the leaves quickly changing we looked for the most seasonally colored sport bike we could find and we’re glad the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R750 could help with its autumn mellow yellow coloring. The clothing options for this month’s babe are pretty open with Ana rockin’ the mesh, top bikini and high boots, or how about that straight white two-piece bikini? To be honest, we do like a girl that wears a slick leather jacket; a bikini bottom is always a plus.

September 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Janey

If you’re in to slick sport bikes and attractive women all over them, you’re in luck; September 2012 features motorcycle babe Janey and the 2012 Honda CBR600RR project bike. Sporting nothing but a bikini its clear summer weather is still around and the prime time to hit the road with the sporty supersport. With your choice of the seductive black or the playful white bikini, we expect it’ll be hard to decide between the two. The wide variety of poses and angles, shoot, you might have to use them all, maybe a few of them twice for good measure. You know we will be looking at Janey all month long, just don’t tell the HR dept!

August 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Sasha

We’re going old school for August 2012 featuring a 1987 Honda CR250 race replica dirt bike to accompany our motorcycle babe. To compliment this tribute to motocross of days past we’ve got or model Sasha sporting vintage styled JT Racing USA gear. Of course that motocross gear comes off to reveal a peach colored two piece. If you’re looking for a little less racing and a bit more summer casual, Sasha has got it with some denim short shorts a turquoise bikini top. Between this amazing pair of bike and babe we have a hard time believing if you can’t find that wallpaper you’ve been looking for. Let’s break it down… vintage MX bikes, check, motorcycle babes in bikinis, check, awesome wallpapers, oh yeah!

July 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Tiffany

With record breaking heat all over the US so far in July 2012, it was obvious the attire of choice for motorcycle babe Tiffany was a bikini. Sporting not much more than the two-piece she sits on that 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan Custom 900 like she owns it. Wearing that riding jacket and low cut shorts it would be hard to say no if she wanted to take the keys. She’s got quite a few poses and outfits to choose from if there’s a certain look you’re going for; the white bikini, the black jacket and the short shorts, the red top, or the pink with white shorts. Better too much than not enough!

June 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Jessica H
Jessica H

Can you feel the heat? Not just the heat outside but the hotness coming off the June 2012 motorcycle girl Jessica H. With the prime summer season nearly upon us we find Jessica wearing… well, not much and posing with one of our favorite nice weather bikes, the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo. Choices of clothing style are between a black bandeau top with leather pants or a bikini bottom with a modified Harley-Davidson t-shirt. Some pretty nice choices if you ask us when coupled with an attractive blond and slick classic styled cruiser. We hope Jessica’s attractive smile can work its way on to your desktop for a while, maybe longer if you’re a fan of Harleys or blond babes.

May 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Alicia

Spring is quickly moving in to summer, and our May 2012 motorcycle girl reflects that by wearing proper summer attire. Sporting a bikini bottom and a black bandeau top Alicia shows she has the curves to match Harley-Davidson’s Nightster. Playing pool or chillin’ Alicia and the Nightster are a solid match. While there may not be as many wallpapers as previous months, we felt less is more in this situation even including a sneak peek at next month’s moto babe, Jessica with the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo. Two babes, one bike… a pairing we can agree with!

April 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Demi

It’s April 2012 and that means showers for May flowers right? That’s why we paired up our motorcycle girl Demi with the 2012 Yamaha YZ450F to celebrate the off-road conditions and kick up some roost! As you can see in the wallpapers Demi is taking a quick break from wrenching on the bike to pose in a pink and a black two-piece bikini, because if your bike doesn’t look good with a hot chick in a bikini next to it then you’re doing something wrong.

But if you live in an area where conditions are not ripe for some nice motocross action then hopefully these wallpapers will hold you over till things clear up. Get your choice of Demi in the black or pink bikini to decorate your desktop all month long! (Or longer depending on your weather conditions…)

March 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Marissa

It looks like spring is finally here… wait, it’s snowing again… ok, spring has finally arrived… I think. Regardless, it is March 2012 and since the weather can’t make up its mind, this month’s babe Marissa has taken shelter in our garage with the 2012 ZX-14R. Needless to say we were open to her trying on some of the racing leathers for the photo shoot. She took a liking to our red AXO racing leathers; we can’t blame her as they look pretty styling.

Just in case you weren’t completely entranced by this attractive motorcycle babe; maybe you noticed that vibrant green newly redesigned ZX-10R behind her. Sporing her black two-piece bikini Marissa takes to posing to catch all the angles of Kawasaki’s updated superbike. She definitely makes this green machine look even better. So, if you haven’t thawed out of the winter weather yet then maybe these wallpapers can help keep hope for a warm spring to arrive soon.

February 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Jazmin

Its been a pretty chilly February 2012 here at HQ, so we were pretty excited to see a spicy brunette motorcycle pin-up named Jazmin on a customized Harley H-D1 Wide Glide.

Posing in an urban camo themed two piece, Jazmin kicks this custom cruiser in to high gear showing off some skin that would catch the eye of any Harley Rider. But if the Bikini style is too cliché for you, don’t sweat it, Jazmin likes the feel of a leather jacket. Check her out rocking that slick Harley-Davidson jacket. With a wide range of poses and outfits to choose from you should have no problem making the shortest month of the year in to the hottest.

January 2012 Pin-Up Girl: Jessica

A new year means new motorcycle pin-up girls and we wanted to start this year off right with our January 2012 babe Jessica. Going slightly off the motorcycle theme, Jessica takes to the water with Kawasaki’s 800 SXR watercraft. If the watercraft just isn’t your style then we got you covered as Jessica shows her love for the Z1000 and to top it off we combined both vehicles in a one shot. But it doesn’t end there, not only do we got the street bike as well as the watercraft but we have two babes! Check out Jessica and last month’s moto babe Lynette showing some skin with two fine Kawasaki’s. With this much variety to choose from we can imagine picking a wallpaper might prove quite the challenge! 

Motorcycle Babes of 2011
December 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Lynette


We’ve finally reached the final month of the year; that’s right it’s already December 2011 but based on what our motorcycle pin-up Lynette is wearing you might think it was a bit closer to summer. Hopefully our moto babe and the 2011 Kawasaki Z1000 street fighter can help you forget about the nasty cold weather outside and remember warmer days. Lynette is sporting two different styles of Bikini for your viewing pleasure; the tried n’ true classic black or liven things up with the lacey pink/orange. With the Kawi Z1000 Lynette has a wallpaper to match your tastes. So warm up your winter with this Motorcycle babe!

November 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Tara

The cold is here but we’re going to warm you up with the November 2011 motorcycle babe Tara. Bikini weather may be over but that doesn’t mean we’re cutting back on the skin for this month’s moto babe. If you like blond girls with minimal clothing then Tara is your girl! She’s showin’ off the goods at the drag strip with Triumph’s Speed Triple along for the ride. Tara’s attire is kicking up the heat as she sports a variety of classy bikinis in a few different colors for you to choose from. But if you’re looking for a bit more action from your wallpapers be sure to check out Tara as she stares down a stunt rider on a mean green Kawasaki Z1000.

October 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Tanya

Summer is officially over, but don’t tell October 2011 motorcycle babe Tanya. The way she is dressing you would swear we were middle of July. Tanya is all over this 2012 Ducati Streetfighter, showing off all the angles and curves in her various outfits; making this an amazing bike and babe combo. Check out Tanya’s classic pink bikini, black & tan bikini, Icon Heartbreakers t-shirt, and the stylish Icon Heartbreaker Zip-Up Hoody. October 2011 offers plenty of variety to choose from to find that perfect motorcycle babe wallpaper. Be sure to check out all the wallpapers for a peek at an upcoming wallpaper pin-up girl Tara and the 2012 Triumph Speed Triple.

September 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Mayra

2011 is flying by! Can you believe it is already September 2011? It’s all good, because a new month means a new Motorcycle Babe and made sure to pull out all the stops to make sure September is the hottest month of the year! Feast your eyes on the latest moto babe Mayra posing with the blacked out 2009 KTM Duke 690. Check out the hard lines of the KTM balances with the natural curves of model Mayra as she tackles the various angles of the bike like a pro. Sporting a variety of clothing options Mayra wanted to show off her full range of styles; from the classic two piece red bikini with the Icon Heartbreaker hoodie to the rockin’ Icon Hella Heartbreaker Jacket and a few other choices in-between. Plenty of options available to suit your motorcycle babe needs.

August 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Miki

Hitting the peak summer temperatures in August 2011, but we can’t offer an relief from the heat as our motorcycle babe Miki is bringing it. Summer is the perfect time to hop on the dirt bike and hit the trails or get out to your local MX track. Miki hopes these wallpapers will remind you to get out and ride by keeping your attention on this modified Kawi KX450F. We’d say Miki makes good use of those curves while sporting a hot pink and a black bikini. I’ve been told by a few people if you look real close there’s an Icon Variant Salvo Hi-Viz Helmet in some of the photos. I just don’t see it; all I see a very attractive brunette, and if I concentrate real hard sometimes I see the nice green dirt bike. They must be pulling my leg about the helmet..

July 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Daniela

Summer has arrived and the heat is on for July 2011, with our latest motorcycle babe, Daniela. The heat as almost a bit too much… the photo shoot made its way indoors to keep our smokin’ hot model nice and cool. It might be too much to combine the amazingly hot Ducati Diavel, with our foxy moto babe Daniela and the warm summer sun in to a single photo; but we made it happen and let you decide if this combo is too hot for the computer screen. This amazing brunette is sporting a two piece bikini with a few select pieces of Icon gear such as the Icon Ascension V-Neck T-Shirt and the stylish Icon Hella Leather Jacket. Ducati steps up to the plate with their all new Diavell Carbon that shines under this babe with its flat black paint and select red accents. This duo is a show stopper for sure and definitely one that needs to be on your desktop.

June 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Britt
June 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Mindy

Summer is just around the corner and with temperatures hitting triple digits we decided to double the babes for June 2011! Our motorcycle babes this month are two beautiful blonds; Britt wearing the pink Icon Hooligan 2 Glam Jacket and clean cut Mindy with the Yoshimura Suzuki race bike.

Two blonds on two Suzukis; so if you’re having trouble choosing, we don’t blame you. There are plenty great shots to choose from! Do you go for Mindy with the short hair near the tracks in the sun or Britt with the long flowing locks in the cool garage in the bikini and jacket?

Decisions, decisions… if choosing one is too tough then we’ve got a easy solution; With over 60 wallpapers for June, you could have a different one every day! Why settle for one when you could have 30?

May 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Dylan Q
Dylan Q

With the spring rain moving in, we’re forced to move the shoot has indoors for May 2011; but better way to capture our amazing motorcycle calendar Pin-up, Dylan Q. May had us thinking industrial; and what fastest way to deliver some much needed heat to the cold steel than a motorcycle babe photo shoot? And what an amazing site we’ve got here! A match made that could only be made thanks to a higher power; the futuristic styled 2011 BMW F800R and the stunning Ms. Quigg. Striking a pose in her sleek, black two-piece bikini as well as some classic short shorts and lingerie top; a combo that easily demands your attention. If this beautiful brunette and sporty street bike don’t get the blood flowing you may want to check your pulse!

April 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Alisha L
Alisha L

Clear skies and warmer weather are signs that April 2011 is here and that means a new motorcycle babe Pin-up; for this month we came across Alisha L. We couldn’t think of a better bike to show off Alicia’s curves than the sharp lines of the KTM RC8R. We recently used KTM’s sportbike in our 2011 Superbike Smackdown, to nurse its wounds there’s nothing better than a moto babe in a bikini striking a pose.   

March 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Lauren D
Lauren D

With spring come showers, so for March 2011 we bring the party indoors to show off our latest motorcycle babe Pin-up Lauren Di. Lauren strikes a pose with the newly redesigned Kawasaki ZX-10R and shows off some of the new features. She’s giving the full spectrum of outfits to find out what makes this hot bike sizzle! Is it the bikini, the leather jacket, pink top with short shorts, or the pink lingerie? We’ll let you make the decision with your desktop but there’s no rule saying you can pick only one! So what are you waiting for? Spice up that plain desktop with Lauren and the mean green machine.

February 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Amanda B
Amanda B

The beginnings of spring are starting to show, the birds are chirping, riders are dusting off their motorcycles and moto babes are showing some skin! Our February 2011 Pin-Up Girl Amanda B brings the heat and doesn’t disappoint. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for those lonely guys out there we’ve got the wallpapers to make your day. Posing on the flashy red 2011 Harley Davidson Rocker C with a variety of outfits at her disposal; Amanda puts them to good use showing off those curves.

January 2011 Pin-Up Girl: Kristia

While January may be the coldest month for some, here at Motorcycle USA we prefer to start the year hot and we couldn’t think of a better way than our January 2011 Pin-Up Girl Kristia. Warming up the first month of the year; Kristia hops on our Yamaha R6 project bike. She doesn’t mind kickin’ it in the race pits or out in front of the offices as long as she’s looking good; and rockin’ the bikini top and mini-skirt or two piece bikini; either is cool when it comes to sitting on the R6. We can’t stress enough that these motorcycle babes are some of the best parts of the project bike process. I’d say some of these girls are good for an extra 20 horsepower. We’re trying our hardest to find the dyno sheet that’ll prove it. Till’ then, enjoy our January 2011 pin-up girl.

Motorcycle Babes of 2010
December 2010 Pin-Up Girl: Kimmi