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2015 Superbike Smackdown X on the Street

After battling at the racetrack, Superbike Smackdown X moves to the street to see how the same six Superbikes perform on the open road.

2015 Superbike Shootout X Track

2015 Superbike Smackdown X Track

MotoUSA evaluates the pinnacle of production sportbike technology and performance in our 2015 Superbike Smackdown Track shootout.

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Bates SP500 Adrenaline Boots
Bates SP500 Adrenaline Boots Review

Friday, September 11, 2015

Motorcycle Eyewear Reviews

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Featured Motorcycle Eyewear Reviews

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Whether you ride a cruiser or a street bike, the one thing we can all agree on is the euphoric rush of wind in your face. While most riders use casual sunglasses to keep the wind and sun out of their eyes (instead of a full face helmet), having proper motorcycle riding glasses is the way to go.
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