Nationwide Lane-Splitting Petition Circulating

MotorcycleUSA Staff | December 22, 2014
An online petition is circulating that would allow motorcycle lane-splitting nationwide. A link to the petition is below.

Not long ago I was sitting stuck in downtown Portland during rush hour traffic and thought “This city is ripe for splitting lanes.” Traffic in and out of the city can be a mother, and if allowing motorcycles to filter through traffic could reduce that congestion, even minutely, then why not. But that practice is illegal in Oregon, as well as 48 other states, the lone exception being our neighbors to the south in California.

But there’s an online petition circulating right now that seeks to make lane-splitting legal on all public roads. It was published on the website Dec. 2, 2014, under issues pertaining to ‘Transportation and Infrastructure;’ ‘Urban Policy.’ The petition lobbies “to make lane splitting a nationally recognized act, and to follow similar guide lines that the State of California has set forth.” It points out that lane-splitting is an accepted practice in other parts of the world. Currently it is dreadfully short of the 100,000 signature-goal the petition must reach before its Jan. 1, 2015, deadline, with 11,972 signatures in support.

This isn’t the first time this idea has been proposed, and won’t be the last. But after being stuck in Portland traffic for almost three hours, I’m convinced it’s a practice that could be beneficial beyond California. Will enough American motorcyclists rally behind it to get it at least on the government’s radar? 100,000 signatures would be a good catalyst. If you’d like to see the lane-splitting nationwide, here’s a link to “We Petition the Obama Administration To: Allow motorcycle lane sharing on all public roads.”

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