Old Dogs Agostini & Lucchinelli in Dainese Vid

MotorcycleUSA Staff | April 22, 2015

MotoGP legends Giacomo Agostini and Marco Lucchinelli are featured in Dainese’s latest webisode called “Old Dogs.” While the two talk about their relationship with Lino Dainese and the company he founded in the video, the clip is also full of wonderful vintage racing footage where you get a good sense of the camaraderie, the crowds, and the danger. Because there was plenty of it – from tracks with guardrails and no run-off to fairly primitive leathers and helmets. Agostini referred to his first racing suit as merely a “second layer of skin” that peeled off when he wrecked. The two GP champions spoke highly of the work Dainese has done to advance protection for racers over the years to the press and industry professionals at Deus Café in Milan.

“When I started racing, racing leathers were little more than a layer of hide and didn’t protect us. If you fell, there was a real danger of hurting yourself. The leathers split apart, helmets weren’t safe and the tracks were dangerous – there were footpaths, guardrails and no run off areas. The driving passion behind Lino Dainese was to change things…he always sought compromises to make riders feel safer but that did not affect aerodynamics, lightness or comfort. He achieved just that – he created thicker but light racing suits, introduced the use of protection for the knees and back and investigated the potential use of airbags for more than 10 years” said Giacomo Agostini in Dainese PR.

We enjoyed the classic racing footage and thought you might too, so we’re passing Dainese’s Webisode #5 “Old Dogs”  along.