Russian Artist’s Love of Harleys in Sculptures

MotorcycleUSA Staff | January 5, 2015

The extent of Harley-Davidson’s appeal on an international level never ceases to amaze me. Russian “artist, sculptor, customizer, biker and admirer of the brand Harley-Davidson,” Igor Verlin, is a prime example.

Verlin is a biker who used his skills as a craftsman and his vision as an artist to customize motorcycles. But according to Verlin, a spinal injury changed everything.

No longer able to customize full-scale motorcycles, the Russian artist channeled his love for Harleys and the biker lifestyle into a new medium. The result are these incredible motorcycle-themed steel sculptures Verlin calls his “Cool steel – Hot heart” chopper series. Verlin says he uses “the original techniques, with the same tools, that were used in the construction of the full size choppers” for his steel sculptures.

We appreciate the talent that went into his creations, from the layers of eagle feathers to the stoic look on Putin’s face to the Springer front ends, so we wanted to share Verlin’s work with you. Amazing how the love of motorcycles can be a universal language. We also included the letter Verlin wrote that confirms his love for everything Harley is more than skin-deep. The letter, sent to us by his son Arsenij Figurin who is a producer in Russia, is unedited.

Hello, Brothers-in-spirit.

My name is Igor Verlin. I am a russian artist, sculptor, customizer, biker and admirer of the brand Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson for me is more, than transport, more, than just two wheels, more, than freedom, more, than fun, more, than adrenaline. Harley-Davidson for me is the soul, that complements me. That’s why I decided to dedicate a series of sculptures “Cold steel – Hot heart” to this legendary brand and to strong personalities and images of the world.

A few years ago I was engaged in customizing, however, but the destiny has prepared for me the challenge – I’ve received a spinal injury, becuse of I could not continue in building of custom bikes. Inspite of this, I was unable to leave my motorcycles’ love, than now, my job and the passion of my soul is the creation of sculptures on a motorcycle theme.

Today, I want introduce You 3 sculptures from the series “Cold steel – Hot heart”: Vladimir Putin on HD, Eagle on HD and Wayfarer on HD. (photoes is in attachments)

These sculptures are made by the former customizers (me), using the original techniques, with the same tools, that were used in the construction of the full size choppers.

Each object is copyright and authenticam made in a single copy: this fact is underlined with a unique serial number on each one.

The sculptures aren’t an exact copies of HD motorcycles models, each sculpture bears a unique “emotional coloring”, reflected through a complicated song of “strong” common image and motorcycle-character, the composition, which is dedicated to the legendary brand Harley-Davidson and to all men with the “iron eggs”.

The series to be continued, I’ll refill it with new images, soon future.

With Respect and best wishes to brothers-in-spirit,

Igor Verlin