See See Spoofs its One Motorcycle Show

MotorcycleUSA Staff | January 6, 2015

More grinder! We need more grinder!

“The sparks make it look legit, like I’m actually doing something.”

In a parody reminiscent of Will Farrell’s infamous ‘more cowbell’ sketch, See See’s Thor Drake utters the phrase above as he pokes a little fun at the whole hipster/garage builder movement, the shtick replacing cowbells with grinders. Irony runs deep as hipsters and the whole Portlandia sensation is at the crux of his own show, The One Motorcycle Show. It wasn’t Drake’s intentions, it just comes with the territory. Thankfully, providing an outlet for riders to showcase their bikes, artwork, photography and stories is still at the show’s core.

Drake and See See Motor Coffee Co. released the video in question, called “The Art of Bike,” on Vimeo New Year’s Day. From the music to cinematography to tone, See See’s video is hilarious. Wouldn’t be as funny if it didn’t strike home, but it does. How many videos are floating around out there just like it? The difference is, characters in the other videos are serious about themselves.

On the flip side, it does get the message out there that the sixth annual The One Motorcycle Show is right around the corner. The 2015 One Show will take place February 13-15 at 831 SE Salmon St. in Portland, Oregon. We can’t wait. Hopefully we don’t get stuck on the interstate in a snowstorm again like last year and actually get to attend this one. See you there!

THE ONE MOTORCYCLE SHOW IS COMING! from See See Motor Coffee Co. on Vimeo.