Sportbike Motorcycle Riding Schools

Sportbike Riding Schools

For riders who want to go fast, there’s no better place to learn than on the racetrack. Get some valuable track experience with these riding schools, many of them taught by former professional racers.
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Sportbike Motorcycle Riding Schools

Aaron Stevenson’s Cornerspeed Riderschool
Charlotte, NC: Official Motorcycle School of Virginia International Raceway. Cornerspeed is fully accredited by WERA and CCS students that complete the course are eligible for their provisional racing license.

American Supercamp
Is a dirtbike school and a bargain for anyone who rides a motorcycle should sign up. BIKE CONTROL is the whole key to riding ANY motorcycle safely and well. Ultimately, bike control is what you is taught and the lessons apply to anyone who wants to be a better rider. Ft. Collins, CO: Dates in CO, CA, DE, IL, KY, and WA. Motorcycles provided.

Arroyo Seco Motorcyclist Association
Deming, NM: Dates and trackdays at Arroyo Seca Raceway (NM). Schools ASMA new riders clinic, personalized instruction and ASR advanced Riding school 2 days long. The school work with suspension baseline setup, walking the racetrack, classroom and track sessions.

Advanced Motorcycle Training
Our purpose is to provide a learning experience which will enable you to develop your riding skills, enhance your safety awareness and knowledge in Advanced Motorcycle Riding Techniques. West Midlands UK

Wrightwood, CA: Dates at Pahrump (NV), Reno (NV), Buttonwillow (CA), Thunderhill (CA), and Willow Springs (CA).

California Superbike School
Los Angeles, CA: Dates at AL, AZ, CA, IL, NV, NH, OH, PA, UT, and VA. Kawasaki ZX 6Rs available for rent. Keith Code shares his expertise and insight with you and useful riding techniques. This schoool is for all levels of riders to improve riding and technical skill.

CLASS Motorcycle School
Santa Paula, CA: Dates at AL, CA, MI, OH, VA, and WI. Honda F4is and VFR800s available for rent. If looking to get on the track for the first time or an experienced track rider you’ll learn from CLASS MC school.

Ed Bargy Racing Services
Canton GA: Dates at Jennings GP (FL), Roebling Road Raceway (GA), Talladega G.P.R, Nashville Superspeedway, and Barber M.P. Classes for any skill rider, all will benefit from formal training in this structured school.

Moto Series Riding School
North Canton, OH: Dates at Nelson Ledges Road Course (OH). Moto Series offers track days, rider education, and riding in various circuits in the Great Lakes Region. They help from novice riders to professional, beginner street riders to nationally competitive sprint and endurance racing.

Frank Kinsey Racing School
Mims, FL Dates at Roebling Road Raceway (GA), JenningsGP (FL) and Palm Beach International Raceway (FL). A racing school offering instruction and events for licensed roadracers, beginning through advanced, and performance street riders. The school specializes in teaching racing skills and performance riding skills through individualized “on-track” instruction!

Los Altos Hills, CA: Dates and multiple trackdays at CA tracks. The 2 day school focus on specific riding levels: novice and intermediate. Both offer maximum track time and one-on-one help from the staff, classroom lessons on key topics, and training through on-track demonstrations and critique.

Kevin Schwantz Suzuki School and Super School
Birmingham, AL: Barber Motorsports Park . Suzuki will supply motorcycles for both schools; Honda will support the Super School. Kevin Schwantz School is designed for riders of all ability levels. Everything is taught in a way that the average rider can understand how to apply it to their individual riding application. Whether you’re a recent learner with just a year or more of riding experience or you’re already an accomplished racer, the Kevin Schwantz School can teach you the skills to become a more confident, safer and faster rider.

Learning Curves Racing/Riding Schools
West Allis,WI: Dates for IL, MI, VA, SC, WI, and GA. Learning Curves Racing/Riding Schools is your all around ticket to racing sportbikes. LCR schools are designed to teach the skills needed to become a licensed motorcycle road racer.

Mid America Motorplex Rider School
Pacific Junction IA: Mid America Motorplex handles racecars, streetcars, motorcycles, karts, and police cars. MAM consists of a 2.23 mile road course, an alternative configuration named ‘D-curve’, a short track configuration of 1.4 miles, and a 1/8th mile drag strip.

Mike Sullivan Motorcycle Road Racing and Performance Riding School
Centralia, WA: 2005 dates at Spokane Raceway Park, Pacific Raceways, and Portland International Raceway. Mike Sullivan Motorcycle Road Racing School is the first choice for street riders who want to try track riding or to improve riding skills.

MotoFit Group
Lake Oswego, OR: MotoFit Group provides all motorcycle riders the opportunity to experience a proven approach to learning, not another approach to teaching. Rob Burch is the Director of MotoFit Group and has been focused on ‘how-to’ learning techniques
for many years. MotoFit is the resident motorcycle riding educator and track day organiser of Oregon Raceway Park.

Motorcycle Xcitement Racing School
Hagerstown, MD: Xcitement Racing School is for riders who want to get their license to go roadracing. Our school is accredited by WERA, CCS, and AHRMA. The school is taught on the track days. Pre-registration is mandatory. Classes for 2009 are at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia, Shenandoah in Virginia, Thunderbolt in Millville, New Jersey.

MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation)
Multiple dates in locations all across the country. Whether you’re just starting out, or have been riding for some time, there are 4 RiderCourses, Basic RiderCourse, Experienced RiderCourse, ScooterSchool and DirtBike School.

Penguin Roadracing School
Winchendon, MA: Dates at New Hampshire International Speedway, Jennings GP, and Homestead Miami Speedway. Equipment and motorcycles (Ducatis) available for rent. The oldest Motorcycle Roadracing school in the country, offers schools for both racers and non-racers.

Pettiford’s GO 4 IT Racing Schools
Louisville, CO: Dates at at various tracks in CO. Various bikes available for rent. Quality private instruction for motorcycle riders! With a full range of programs available to choose from including basic motorcycle license training and safety courses, high performance and road racing courses.

Rich Olivers Mystery School
The facility is located in the Central Sierra Mountains near Auberry, CA. Mystery School programs emphasize growth through experience and challenge, honing riding skills and focus for the sport of motorcycling, on the dirt. Riders of all skill levels and ages attend and benefit from the Mystery School.

STAR Motorcycle School
Ventura, CA: The STAR Motorcycle School was created by 2-time AMA Champion Jason Pridmore to help you become a more proficient, more confident rider. Whether you’re a street rider who wants to improve your skills to gain confidence and become a safer rider, or a track day junkie and racer looking for answers on how to go faster on the racetrack, the STAR Motorcycle School has a training program designed specifically for you.

Superbike-Coach Corp.
Moraga, CA: Superbike-Coach founder Can Akkaya is a ex-Pro racer, author, test rider and test editor. He has raced in the German IDM, Dutch and Spanish Open, and the European Championship. He specializes in developing a riders road racing skills, how to prepare for a race, general road skills, and wheelie techniques.

StreetMasters Motorcycle Workshops
Corona, CA: Mutiple workshop dates at the “Horse Thief Mile” at Willow Springs (CA). This school is for riders with 2 years riding experience or 3000 miles recent riding. Designed specifically for touring, sport-touring, cruiser, and sport bike riders. You’ll be smoother, more confident, relaxed and ready to take on the curves.

Team Hammer Advanced Riding School & Track Rides
Wildomar CA. Learn Motorcycle set-up and riding skills after passing/completing you will be qualifies you for WERA, CCS or CMRA racing license.

Team Pro-Motion Sportbike Club
Warminster, PA: Dates with trackdays at eastern tracks. Three levels of schools, ART Level I is required for all riders that have never ridden a motorcycle on a race track before. ART Level ll is concentrated on novice and intermediate group riders who have prior track riding experience. ART PT professional training lead by long time racer and club president Glen Goldman, is available for those who expect the most from their track riding, street riding and from themselves.

Yamaha Champions Riding School
The Yamaha Champions Riding School at Miller Motorsports Park has taken the best riding instructors in the business and combined them with the world-class Miller Motorsports Park to provide you with the best riding school experience possible. This is your chance to learn how the best riders in the world ride. Why they are the fastest, but are also the safest. Learn the skills of the pros, become as safe as the world’s best, and learn to “Ride Like A Champion!”

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