Suzuki Boulevard

Suzuki Boulevard

Suzuki Boulevard is the Japanese manufacturer’s line of classic and power cruiser motorcycles. The Suzuki Boulevards are full of ‘Suzuki DNA,’ combining leading technology Suzuki has honed in its GSX-R sportbikes, including equipping them with a powerful engine and rider-friendly handling, traits not always associated with cruiser motorcycles. The Suzuki Boulevards are also priced well below their American-made counterparts.

Suzuki Boulevard
The Suzuki Boulevard M90 fills in the gap between the M109R and the M50 nicely.

Five 2005 Suzuki Boulevard motorcycles hit showrooms in August 2004 – the S40, S50, S83, C50 and C90. Suzuki’s cruisers are divided into three categories, the stylish ‘S’ series, the classically styled ‘C’ class, and the beefy power cruisers in the ‘M’ or muscle class.

The ‘M’ class of Suzuki Boulevard cruisers debuted in 2005. With a softail-style suspension, a wide, custom-stretched fuel tank, a bobtail rear fender and a 50 cubic-inch V-Twin, the M50 added attitude to Suzuki’s cruiser line.

Since its inception, the Suzuki Boulevard line has continued to expand. In 2008, the release of the C109R gave Suzuki a presence in the heavyweight touring cruiser class. The motorcycle features a big windscreen, leather bags, a custom-style studded seat and a passenger backrest. In 2009, Suzuki released 16 different Boulevard models, ranging from the small, single-cylinder S40 to the impressive power cruiser, the M109R, with its signature trapezoidal-shaped headlight and arm-wrenching 1783cc 54-degree V-Twin.

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