The X-ING Documentary Film

Adam Waheed | August 8, 2014

Meet Sam. He’s kind of crazy, but creative, so in that way I guess you could say he’s just special. Anyways, he’s about to head to head back to The Sunshine State, where he grew up, to purchase a new motorcycle—a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight. From there he and his long-time pal and fellow riding aficionado, TJ will ride their Sportsters back home to California. However, on this trip they’ll be riding ‘old school’. And they aren’t referring to the wire-spoke wheels on their Hogs. They’re going to travel as everyone did prior to the invention of cell phones and GPS. So to get home they are using one of America’s oldest and most recognized highways, Route 66. But just in case they veer too far off track they’ll be armed with a good ol’ paper map (it can also substitute as toilet paper if need be). Considering Sam’s aptitude for mischief, paired with the Forty-Eight’s range of around 50 miles they’ll have plenty of opportunities to get in trouble. Since Sam makes his living in film production he’ll be documenting their travels for all to err, laugh at. Since this undertaking is going to take some cash to pull off correctly, he’s raising money on the IndieGoGo website (think KickStarter, but for artsy-folks). Check out his trailer and feel free to pitch in a few bucks if you wanna have a laugh at his, or I guess all of our expense.

Adam Waheed

Road Test Editor | Articles | Adam's insatiable thirst for life is only surpassed by his monthly fuel bill. Whether rocketing on land, flying through the air, or jumping the seas, our Road Test Editor does it all and has the scars to prove it.