Vets Road Warrior Ride on Can-Am Spyders

MotorcycleUSA Staff | June 10, 2014
Project Road Warrior
With the goal of raising awareness and funds to support Special Operation vets who have been wounded or are ill, a group of riders has been trekking across the country on Can-Am Spyders on the Road Warrior Ride.

Thanks to Can-Am and Project Road Warrior, a small group of Special Operations veterans are getting an opportunity to ride across the country on Can-Am Spyders. The Road Warrior Ride started in Seattle June 5 and is scheduled to wrap up in Tampa, Florida June 14. The entourage has been getting a first-hand look at our beautiful country via secondary roads, eschewing larger freeways for roads less taken. For vets who have been wounded and wear the psychological scars of combat, the ride is a huge step in their recovery and is a way to get them back to doing things they love.

In a press release about the ride, a rider known as Erin says she hasn’t ridden much since being injured and sees the ride as an opportunity “to get back on a bike and see America in a different way.”

Another of the Road Warriors called Alex said he took up motorcycle riding to replace his passion for distance running after his feet were crushed by an IED in Afghanistan. “For me is about the adventure of exploring new places, and being around like-minded people who share the same passion for life,” he said.

The three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder is a perfect vehicle for cross-country trips, offering riders the experience of an open air ride in style and comfort. A powerful engine and lively throttle response will sate the need for speed Type A’s often crave, riders are still subjected to the elements, but it’s not as physically demanding as a motorcycle. Spyders hug the road so you can carry corners in speed or dial it back a notch, set the cruise control, crank up the tunes and enjoy the ride.

“It was our opportunity to give back to the veterans,” said a Can-Am rep in a promotional video.

Can’t think of much better therapy than hitting the open road for a cross country trip. Big shout-out to Can-Am and Project Road Warrior for stepping up to support the cause.

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