‘Why We Ride’ Honors Dads on Father’s Day

MotorcycleUSA Staff | June 12, 2014

Motorcycling has its roots in family. The passion to ride is often passed generation to generation. How many out there took their first ride on a bike with their father? I’ll bet a lot.

The way motorcycles bring families together is one of the underlying themes of the wonderful documentary “Why We Ride.” In honor of Father’s Day, excerpts of the film have been pieced together as a way to say “Thank You, Dad.” Hope you enjoy the video and “Happy Father’s Day!” Love you, Dad!

“Join us in honoring the Dads in our lives and the ones we hold close in our hearts by sharing our message with the world.”

Bryan H. Carroll – Director/Producer Why We Ride
James Walker – Producer of Why We Ride
Ron Benfield – Acorn Woods Communications