Win Oil Painting of Your Motorcycle at ’15 Quail

Bryan Harley | April 8, 2015

One of our favorite events of the year, The Quail Motorcycle Ride and Gathering, is right around the corner. This year, The Quail Events is doing a fun little promo in conjunction with Guenevere Schwien aka the Moto Painter. The winner will receive a handmade oil painting of their motorcycle.

Here’s how to enter. Simply follow @TheQuailEvents and @Gueneveres on Instagram. Then, post a photo of your motorcycle on Instagram using #QuailMotoPainter. The winner will be chosen from the submissions and announced at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering, May 16, at Guenevere’s booth. She will then do an original oil painting based on a high-quality photo provided by the winner.

Information courtesy of The Quail Events Facebook and the  Moto Painter Facebook pages. 

Bryan Harley

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