Yamaha YZ250F

Yamaha YZ250F

If there’s one bike that started a revolution it’s the Yamaha YZ250F. The YZ250F introduced modern four-stroke technology to the world and started a whole new class of racing. Against a field of 125cc two-strokes, the YZ250F quickly established its dominance and racked up a long list of “firsts” as a result. The rest of the motocross manufacturers were quick to follow with a 250F of their own. This sudden surge of technology and development changed the face of motocross and it all started with the impressive Yamaha YZ250F.

The 2011 Yamaha YZ250F ergonomics are well thought out and can accommodate a wide range of riders.
The Yamaha YZ250F is powered by a 250cc liquid-cooled Single. It is the only Japanese 250F to still use a mechanical carburetor.

These days the competition is much higher, but even though Yamaha doesn’t have a lockdown on the 250F market, the YZ250F still holds its own as one of the most popular machines. Yamaha has been able to change with the times as well and the YZ250F is by no means out of date. Yamaha switched to an aluminum chassis for the YZ250F but did so in a way that differs from a series of competitors’ clones. Combined with Kayaba suspension, the YZ-F has become known for its stable, planted feel and superior comfort. There’s nothing else that can soak up rough terrain like the Yamaha. On top of that, the Tuning Fork engineers tweaked the frame to help give the YZ250F even sharper handling, so now it has the best of both worlds.

Yamaha still uses a carburetor on the YZ250F but the transition to a fuel-injection system is anticipated in the immediate future. One of the things Motorcycle USA testers have always liked best about the smallest YZ-F is an abundance of low-end power. Riders are able to grunt out of corners thanks to specifically designed engine characteristics and matching exhaust components.

Aside from the excellent performance, Yamaha has dolled up the YZ250F with a host of top-notch components like wide footpegs, ProTaper handlebars and adjustable mounting in the triple clamp. Yamaha also continues to offer customers a choice of color with the YZ250F in the standard blue and white color scheme or a limited-edition version in black, red and white.

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