Yamaha YZ450F

Yamaha YZ450F

Yamaha started the modern 4-stroke MX movement with what is now the YZ450F. The Yamaha YZ450F was originally a 400cc and then 426cc before Yamaha bumped the final displacement and created the YZ450F. As the flagship of Yamaha’s YZ-F motocross line, the YZ450 is perhaps the best-known 450 motocross bike today.

Yamaha YZ450F
Catching air on the big thumper is no problem thanks to the YZ’s modified 449cc DOHC 4-stroker while landing is smoothed out thanks to Kabayas up front and back.

The Yamaha YZ450F has gone through many refinements which have changed the 450F from a fire-breathing monster into a well-rounded, easy-to-ride favorite in the 450 division. The YZ450 has a stable chassis, supple suspension and smooth motor. One of the most popular features of the YZ450F is the growing reputation of durability. Grant Langston proved that the YZ450 has the longevity to make it through a tough season of racing at the AMA Motocross nationals and the performance to beat all other 450 motocross bikes. The YZ450F claimed the 2008 championship and is consistently in the running for wins at any level of racing.

Yamaha also claimed a Supercross title with the YZ450F in the capable hands of Chad Reed. Now James Stewart is riding the YZ450F and the combination has proven deadly for the competition. Many off-road racers choose the YZ450F to modify to their needs. Yamaha changed the entire dirt bike world when it developed the YZ450F. Even though the competition has started to catch up, the YZ450F was a trendsetter and will continue to be in the future.

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